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The Vormetric Data Security Platform by Thales

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A platform to manage and protect your data

The aim of Vormetric is to equipe companies with the tools to assure and simplify the management of data security. The platform ensures seamless data encryption as well as key management across the different areas of your information system.

Consultancy Kit Roadmap and Advantages

SSL247® and Thales e-Security have combined expertise and advanced technologies with the aim of giving you a better service.

Advantages for your Business

The platform is now widely recognised within businesses to help with the following:

  • Reduces the total cost of your data management. The Thales platform makes data protection easier and cheaper.
  • Increases efficiency of staff and resource. The Vormetric Data Security system makes the management of sensitive data simple and efficient.
  • Strengthens security and ensure conformity. Concentrating your security at the data core, will minimize the potential impact of any unauthorized access.


FIPS 140Computing Security AwardPCI DSS complianceSC Magazine awardBest practice security

The Vormetric data security platform is equipped with powerful tools. It is designed to both combat advanced persistent threats (APT) and establish persistent controls even when data is stored in the cloud or infrastructure of an external provider.

A complete and expandable platform

The Vormetric Data Security platform offers both cryptography and encryption-based technologies as well as an intuitive web interface, and numerous APIs including REST architecture.


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Consultancy Kit Roadmap and Advantages

If you have any questions or for more information about the management and security of your data, do not hesitate to contact one of our trained consultants with no obligation.

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