eIDAS regulation - What should you expect ?

The new EU eIDAS regulation that oversees electronic identification and trusted services will be enforced from July 2016.

réglementation eIDAS

What is eIDAS about?

The EU does not currently – at time of writing – have a common standard for overseeing e-identification and trusted services for electronic transactions. Individual EU members possess their own respective legislation, but the new eIDAS regulation will standardise the various EU procedures – centralising digital verification systems and digital signatures.

  • Electronic authentication systems:

    From July, EU states must recognise electronic identification systems of other EU members once it has been verified by an approved and listed Certificate Authority – to be published following a security audit and a compliance check.

  • Digital Signatures:

    The new eIDAS regulation recognises and defines approved digital signatures through 3 levels of recognition: “standard digital signature”, “advanced digital signature” or “qualified digital signature”.

  • How does eIDAS affect your company?

    eIDAS aims to make trading with the EU easier and most EU transactions are expected to impacted directly, for example:

    • Tender a business bid in the EU by signing an agreement with a EU based country – Without worrying about the legal framework of where the contract is signed
    • Hire European individuals regardless of their EU country of origin – speeding up the process
    • Provide digital documents with legal weight and lower costs (processing time, storing physical documents, etc.)
    • Contract European companies without any physical travelling requirements – Dematerialising physical procedures.

    Conclusion – how your company benefits from eIDAS

    • Simplified process – Increasing productivity as a result
    • Enhanced verification from trusted 3rd party authorities
    • Formal recognition of digitally signed – soft copy – documents
    • Legal acceptance of digital signatures.

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    Posted on Thursday 30 June 2016 by Charlotte Vinchant

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