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SSL247® has been named EMEA Symantec Champion 2017

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SSL247® - EMEA Symantec Champion Award 2017

SSL247® has been named EMEA Symantec Champion 2017

During this year’s Symantec Platinum Partner Roundtable, the annual event held for Symantec’s top EMEA partners, SSL247® was once again awarded the EMEA Symantec Champion for 2017.

This not only demonstrates our commitment to our clients and business partners, but also our place as Europe’s top SSL consultants, with the most awards and accreditations.

SSL247® - Awards and accreditation

"Symantec Website Security prides itself on prioritizing customers and on delivering an excellent customer experience. SSL247® embodies this “Customer First” philosophy and promotes the intrinsic value of our premium Symantec TLS certificates. We are delighted and proud to award SSL247® with the 2017 Symantec Champion Award for their continued partnership and focus on customers."

- Robert Hoblit, Vice President of Sales and Revenue Officer - Symantec Website Security

SSL247® has enjoyed a successful partnership for over 14 years with Symantec:
SSL247® - Symantec Platonum Partners for over 10 years

"We are extremely proud to have received this Symantec EMEA Champion 2017 award. It is a confirmation that SSL247® is an expert and above the industry. We are also thrilled by the new opportunities that lie ahead in our partnership with Symantec."

- Timothée Brogniart, Sales Director at SSL247®

Why SSL247®?

SSL247® has over 14 years’ experience and expertise in the security industry and numerous awards and accreditations.

We partner with leaders in the industry and ensure that our consultants are not only technical experts, but also experts in providing tailor-made service and support to keep your business protected.

Over the years we have designed a portfolio of security tools and services around the needs of our clients, from registering and identifying your business and its components, to securing, protecting and testing it.

We call this SSL247®’s Online Business Continuity:

Online Business Continuity with SSL247®

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