What does a signed document look like? A signed PDF? A signed programme?




A signed Word document has three main features:

  • A yellow banner located above the text, demonstrating that the author(s) marked the document as "final" to prevent anyone else from editing it. It is possible to bypass the editing restriction by clicking on the button "edit anyway" in the banner, however this will remove the signature and therefore the trusted yellow banner.

If you unlock the file for editing, an alert will appear. Accepting the alert will remove the signature on the document.

  • A red ribbonat the bottom of the document, in the status bar. This is the symbol of a signed document.
  • When you click on the red ribbon the signature panel will open, showing you who signed the document, along with information about their identity.



Like all documents from the Microsoft Office suite, digitally signed PDFs display a banner above the content.
Banners on PDF documents are blue and display the name of the person/entity who signed it, as well as the Certification Authority who issued the PDF signing certificate.

When you click on the "Signature Panel" button in the banner, you can view all the details of the certificate: validity, authenticity, integrity, etc.


A PDF which has been modified after signing will display a specific banner warning there is an error:

A PDF signed with a certificate which is not compatible with Adobe CDS (Certified Document Service) will not be able to retrieve the author's identity, and will therefore display the following message :



Code Signing certificates are used to identify the company which published the programme/software. They also guarantee that the content of the code has not been modified since it was signed.

If you haven't signed your software before releasing it, users will see a pop-up warning when double-clicking on the software's executable file.

Once the programme has been signed, an informational pop-up will be displayed instead of a warning pop-up, indicating the name of your company as well as the code signing certificate's details.


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