Personal IDs from SSL247

Get a Personal ID from SSL247, secure your online communications and show your clients that you are professional and trustworthy

With a personal ID, you can sign and encrypt your emails and MS Office documents. That means they’ll arrive with your recipients safely and securely, un-hacked and  un-tampered with.

Your Personal ID will also allow you to sign your documents and give them real, legal value – perfect for invoices, contracts and quotes.

A Personal ID will:

  • Secure your emails and MS Office documents
  • Allow you to sign your online content, giving your emails and documents real legal value
  • Make sure your communications remain private and unmodified
  • Enable you to authenticate to SSL VPNs
  • Show your clients, customers, suppliers, and any other contact you communicate with online, that you are professional, trustworthy, legitimate and serious about your business.

GlobalSign PersonalSign 2 Department

If you need an ID for your department, this is the certificate for you. It will allow you to secure emails, authenticate to online services and sign MS office documents on behalf of your department.

From only €219

GlobalSign PersonalSign 2 Pro

If you need a Personal ID for yourself as a representative of your company, this is the certificate for you. You’ll be able to sign, encrypt and authenticate in your name.

From only €79

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