PersonalSign 2 Department

Get a Digital ID for a department within your organisation (e.g. Marketing at SSL247) and sign, encrypt and secure your emails and MS Office documents.


With a GlobalSign PersonalSign 2 Department certificate, you can prove important documents – contracts, invoices, quotes etc – originated from your department and have not been tampered with, giving the same value as a hand-signed paperwork.


Do you need a digital ID for your department?

If you are unsure if this certificate is right for you, just give our friendly team of digital security specialists a quick call. They can help you decide in minutes if this certificate will suit your needs. Call +353 1 525 5930

Features and benefits

  • Class 2 Digital ID (Organisation Validation)
  • Gives a department a digital and formal signature
  • Encrypts and digitally signs emails and MS Office documents
  • Allows authentication on online services such as SSL VPNs
  • Comes with special benefits from SSL247®, including a 30 day money-back guarantee, a MySSL® account and technical support.
  • Issue time: 1 to 2 days

How to buy

If you would like to buy a GlobalSign PersonalSign 2 Department Certificate for your organisation, please give our helpful sales team a quick call, on +353 1 525 5930. You can also email them at