9 Reasons to choose SSL247

9 reasons to resell with SSL247

1.  The whole security package:

Securing an online business now requires multiple tools. Security, reputation and identity are all on the line. That's why we provide all the right ones to keep your clients satisfied with their security. They can secure their sensitive data with an SSL certificate, protect their site from hackers and malware, and keep identity thieves away from their brand. Reselling all these products is a great business move as online threats continue to grow. 

2.  Effortless and speedy set-up: 

This is where our dedicated pre-vetting team really come into their own. They'll speed up your issuance times and as far as we're aware, we're unrivalled in this respect. So your client's wait for SSL, PenTest, or domain name services will be with them ASAP - and who doesn't want a happy customer?  We also provide support without SSL247 branding - just in case there's a problem.

3.  The API/iframe: 

With our FREE, documented and fully supported API you can provide your clients with their products at the push of a button. This drastically speeds up the process and maintains your professionalism. With no SSL247 branding your business remains completely recognisable to your customers. For those less technically-resourced a lite iframe version is available.

4.  Our knowledge is your knowledge

With close platinum-level partnerships with SYMANTEC, GlobalSign, GeoTrust, Thawte, Comodo, and RapidSSL we are in the best position to offer your cutting-edge advice and support. We're also SSE+ accredited and a Website Security Solutions Partner of Symantec, meaning we’re the first in line to new developments within the web security field. With this, you can provide the industry-leading service to your clients.

5.  We only stock proven products you can trust: 

We only ever supply SSL Certificate Authority’s your bank would trust - they're all stock-exchange listed. Complete with a rare 30 day money back guarantee. A PenTest allows you to test your entire infrastructure and ensure your company's IT system is secure from an internet based attack from both internal and external perspectives. Reselling with us, you can guarantee top-of-the-range services to your clients.

6.  Account management

Contact a dedicated account manager via phone or email when you need support. That account manager is yours and you'll get through to them every time. It helps to have support from someone who understands your business and knows your history within the partnership. Also, you'll be happy to hear there'll be no option menus or phone queues. We even provide in-house sales training our Gold and Platinum customers.

7.  Flexible payment options: 

We understand that every business is different so we offer a variety of payment options to make business easier. The options include buying ‘packs’ of certificates, crediting your account with tokens if you’re unsure of the volume of purchases, paying at the end of each month, or paying-as-you-go for low volume purchases.

8.  The MySSL® portal: 

Our MySSL® portal is powerful, simple to use, and is optimised for the best method of managing your products. Many of our competitors continue to subject their partners to clunky, out-dated systems that just create hassle.

MySSL® couldn't be further from that. Here's what you get: 

  • A password protected platform for multiple users.
  • A single sign-on to order, renew, download and reissue your certificates and manage your SSL portfolio, Domain names and PenTest subscriptions (or that of your customers)
  • A unique centralised platform for all your certificates from Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, GlobalSign and RapidSSL. You no longer need multiple accounts to order different brands of SSL for different needs.
  • Adjusted prices with discounts depending on your partnership program.
  • Payment options including deposit, stock, credit card, cheque or BACS.
  • Pre- and Post-pay options.
  • Easy and simple access to your order history - you'll never miss a renewal again.

9.  We're a multi-lingual team: 

We've got  French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Swedish speaking support to serve either your needs or that of your clients.


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