Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) by GlobalSign

GlobalSign's cloud-based certificate management platform reduce both the cost and the time associated with managing multiple enterprise digital certificates. Support for all your operations with one single account and managed user administrator offers complete, centralised control of certificate needs across your entire organization, through a secure SaaS-based platform.

Our secure SaaS-based platform offers unique features and functionality that give you complete control of your certificate needs from one centralised account. APIs, Active Directory integration and inventory tools make it easy to automate and track certificate deployments.

GlobalSign PKI

Experience you can trust:

  • Digitally Sign and Encrypt Email (S/MIME)
  • Authenticate Users to Networks
  • Enable iOS Security and Authentication
  • Microsoft SmartCard Logon
  • Encrypt Local File Systems
  • Digitally Sign Microsoft Office Documents
  • Digitally Sign PDF Documents
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GlobalSign: By The Numbers

Want to know more about the GlobalSign PKI Service?

Pre-vetted company profiles and domains mean you can immediately issue certificates to accommodate specific department or project needs - SSL, digitally sign and encrypt email (S/MIME), authenticate users and devices to networks, enable mobile security and authentication, digitally sign Microsoft Office and PDF documents and SmartCard Logon.

Automate certificate lifecycles and workflows with APIs and integration. You can automatically provide certificates to all domain-connected users, devices, machines and servers without having to manage PKI in-house.

Managed PKI offers significant volume discounts over purchasing individual certificates. You can choose from various purchasing options, including Pay as You Go, deposit method, and unlimited issuance licenses for increased flexibility with budget planning.

Register multiple companies or departments (profiles) under one account. Ideal for umbrella entities needing to manage certificates for several subgroups, all certificate activity can be monitored, managed and centralised from just one account.

Account administrators can monitor who can apply for, approve, renew, and revoke certificates at the domain or profile level, ensuring only authorized personnel can access certificate activity.

You only pay for certificates. There are no setup, hosting or re-issuance fees and we do not charge for multiple profiles or extended key usages.

Why choose SSL247® as your service provider?

Our accumulated portfolio of awards and accreditatuions mean our trusted consultants are the leading web security experts in Europe who have satisfied numerous high profiled clients over the years. By choosing SSL247® as your MPKI providing specialist, your organization will gain the same comprehensive level of support we’ve become renowned for as well as privileged access to exclusive market leading benefits including:

  • Bespoke and impartial consultations from our team of accredited consultants
  • 10+ years of multi-award winning experience and expertise
  • Multi-lingual support from dedicated account managers
  • FREE security assessment to ensure your online business continuity is secured

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