OV SSL Multi-Domain

With Sectigo SSL OV Multi-Domain, you only need one certificate to manage all of your domains. Through the use of Subject Alternative Names (SANs), Sectigo Multi-Domain SSL certificates provide the same quality SSL security as the regular certificates but allow you to secure multiple domains on a single SSL certificate.

Sectigo (Formerly Comodo CA)

Benefits and Features

  • Organisation Validation - Validates your company and domain name, providing double trust for visitors
  • Eliptic Curve Cryptograhy (ECC) encryption
  • 2 free SANs
  • 499 SANs maximum
  • CN IP
  • Up to $1,000,000 warranty
  • You have the possibility to add Wildcard SANs to secure an unlimited number of sub-domains
  • Unlimited re-issuance policy and server licenses
  • Subscription up to 6-years
  • Trusted by 99.99% of internet browers
  • Issuance time: within 3 working days

Sectigo Trust Seal
Included with every Sectigo OV SSL certificate is a free and Sectigo Trust Logo (or Site Seal) to prove to your visitors that your website is secure.

Benefits exclusive to SSL247® customers

Secure multiple domains with SAN

With Sectigo SSL OV Multi-Domain, you can secure up to 210 domains. Get as many SANs (Subject Alternative Names) as you need and secure any combination of domains, machine names or IP addresses. SAN certificates are also suitable for securing different Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office Communications Server, Lync, SharePoint, and Office 365. With this certificate, you can also add Wildcard, and secure unlimited sub-domains.

Upgrade to Extended Validation for the ultimate level of security and trust

Get the green bar of trust by choosing Extended Validation (EV) certificates with Sectigo SSL EV Multi-Domain Certificates (MDC), and instate immediate visual confidence with your customers. The green bar and your company name in the address bar have proven to positively impact online conversions.

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