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Choosing the right type of SSL certificate is an important decision - your business' and your customers' security depends on it. The SSL consultants from SSL247® are here to help. Get in touch today for a free security assessment and SSL recommendation.

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An EV or extended validation certificate provides your customers and visitors to your site with the ultimate sign of SSL security - the green bar of trust. EV SSL also provides today's best protection from phishing attacks and many other benefits depending on the EV SSL certificate you choose. Contact us to find out if you need EV SSL.


Wildcard SSL

A Wildcard SSL is the certificate of choice whenever there is a need for one computer to share information with another. Wildcards are particularly useful when running a website where your clients are signing on your secure server for payment purposes or your email program regularly communicates with another computer or program. Websites that use a Wildcard SSL to secure their online portals include leading banking websites, forums, message boards and popular social networking sites. To find out more about how to secure an unlimited number of first level sub domains on a single domain name click here.


Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) enables stronger SSL encryption with smaller key lengths. An ECC enabled ECC certificate provides the equivalent cryptographic strength of much larger RSA certificates but consumes far less bandwidth – ideal for securing mobile users. A 256-bit ECC certificate has the cryptographic strength of a huge 3072-bit RSA certificate - a must if you collect personal or sensitive information online. If you want an ECC-enabled certificate, take a look at our DigiCert PRO and Sectigo ECC certificates or Get in touch to find out if an ECC certificate is right for your business.


Unified Communications Certificates, also known as UC Certificates, or UCC Certificates give you full control of the "Subject Alternative Name" field. That means you can secure as few or as many host names as you like with just one SSL certificate. UC certs have been developed for use with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or 2010. They can be used with any major server type to secure multiple Exchange services. Unlike wildcards, SAN SSL certificates are fully compatible with mobile browsers, such as smartphones, PDAs, and Blackberries. Get in touch to find out if a SAN certificate is right for your business.

IP Address SSL

If you need to secure your IP address rather than your domain name, an IP address SSL certificate is what you need. We offer two IP address SSL certificates. Both will give you the ‘https://’ prefix or the HTTPS certificate, if you prefer. That’s an instant sign of SSL encryption – and a mark of SSL security for your site users.

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Our free SSL certificate is the perfect way to test what SSL can do for your website and your business. Experience the entire process from application to installation today, without spending a penny or committing to anything. Take our free 30 day trial here.

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