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The world of SSL can seem confusing. Choosing your validation method is a good place to start. There are just three types of validation - Extended Validation, Organisation Validation and Domain Validation. Use our simple guide below and find the validation method that’s right for your site and your business.

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As well as providing the world's leading Extended, Organisation and Domain validated SSL, we also offer a free consultancy service. Get in touch today for a full assessment of your business' security needs and an SSL recommendation tailored to meet them.



Suggested usage

Domain Validation (DV)

  • Issued in under 10 minutes
  • Low cost automated validation
  • Basic Encryption
  • Unvetted business
  • No trust instilled
  • For testing and internal use only

Organisation Validation (OV)

  • Validates websites and organisations
  • Verifies organisational legitimacy
  • Human vetted
  • Takes up to two days to issue
  • More expensive than DV
  • Ecommerce sites
  • Trustworthy guarantee

Extended Validation (EV)

  • Activates green bar of trust
  • Instils maximum confidence in online customers
  • Protects website against phishing attacks
  • Reassures company stakeholders/board of directors etc.
  • Stringent vetting procedures
  • Comparatively more expensive
  • Take up to 5-10 days to issue
  • Ecommerce sites
  • Trustworthy organisations and brands
  • Leverage for boosting online conversions
  • Instil utmost consumer confidence
  • For maximum protection against phishing

Not sure? We can help.

Our Wizard is here to help you choose the right certificate for all your needs. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our accredited SSL consultants for personalised, impartial advice.

Can’t decide which validation method to choose? We are just a phone call away, with unbiased, expert SSL advice.

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