Create a Certificate Signing Request for Novell ConsoleOne

In order to generate a CSR for Novell ConsoleOne Web Server, please make sur you have installed ConsoleOne 1.3.6+, Certificate Server Version 2.23+ and Server NICI 2.6+ on your ConsoleOne workstation. Please follow these steps:

1. Launch ConsoleOne.

2. In the container of the server, create a new object. For the type, select "NDSPKI:Key Material".

3. Select the server the certificate will be applied to.

4. Select "Custom" for creation type. When asked for the Certification Authority, select "External Certificate Authority".

5. When asked for RSA Key size, select 2048 bits and allow the private key to be exported.

6. Edit the Certificate Parameters. Change the "Subject Name" to reflect your organisation and domain name details. For C, you must enter the 2-letter digit code. To find out more, click here

e.g. ""

7. Select to use the SHA1 algorithm.

8. Click Next and Finish and your CSR is generated.

9. Save and open the CSR file and copy/paste the entire contents (including the BEGIN and END tags) into our order form.